House regulations

The Brabantsedag Foundation strives to run the event in the best possible way, acting in accordance with the house regulations. Under the house regulations:

- It is forbidden for visitors under the age of 18 to buy, accept or consume alcoholic beverages.

- Visitors of 18 years and older can get a wristband after showing an original, valid identity document. Without a wristband, no alcoholic beverage may be purchased, consumed or accepted.

- Smoking is prohibited in indoor areas, as well as in party, hospitality and/or theater tents.

- Trade in and/or use of (soft and/or hard) drugs and nitrous oxide is prohibited. In case of violation, the police will be warned.

- Taking alcoholic beverages, in any packaging whatsoever, glassware, cans, plastic bottles, aerosols, fireworks, (fire) weapons, drugs and other dangerous objects is not allowed in the municipal garden under penalty of confiscation. Within the built-up area of Heeze, the APV (General Local Bye-Law) also applies.

- Purchased tickets and tokens will not be taken back.

- Visitors enter the event at their own risk. The organization is not liable for any physical or mental injury, in any nature and / or form whatsoever.

- The organization is not liable for loss of and/or damage to property and/or goods.

- Threats, abuse, intimidation, aggression, discrimination and racism are prohibited. Stichting Brabantsedag explicitly and unconditionally endorses article 1 of the Constitution: 'All who are in the Netherlands will be treated equally in equal cases. Discrimination on the grounds of religion, philosophy of life, political affiliation, race, gender or on any other ground is not allowed.

- In the regulations of the driving theater, in which the cultural history of Brabant is creatively depicted, is included that in no way discriminatory expressions may be made.

- During the Brabant Day, photographs and films will be made. Visual material made during the theater parade and on public locations is in principle not covered by the AVG (General Data Protection Ordinance). However, if you would like used visual material, on which you appear, to be removed afterwards, the Brabant Day will always comply with this. E-mail via:

- In situations not covered by the house rules, the organization decides.

- Violation of the house rules can result in removal and/or reporting to the police.