Bloed, Zweet & Tranen


Let’s take a drive to ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Between 1937 and 1993, Michelin moved here from Germany to manufacture car tires. But that is not the only things Michelin cooked up! In this five course Michelin star dinner you will get a taste of well-done Michelin Guides, stylish guests with a craving for quality, and as a main course we will serve the chef’s special. You better have an appetite!

About B,Z&T (Bloed, Zweet en Tranen)

Since 2008 BZ&T reached the top 10 3 times and in 2016 BZ&T even got the highest honor as overall winner. This year again we worked with (hopefully not too much) blood, (in heat sometimes a lot) sweat and (often from emotion and pleasure) tears with man and power to put a worthy creation on the road again.

Founded: 2007
Number of members: 240