Bouwerij Skôn


Vincent van Gogh was constantly on the move, both searching for the man he was supposed to be and travelling around Europe. This journey brought him from Zundert all the way to Auvers-sur-Oise in southern France, where his inner battle drove him mad. Bouwerij Skôn’s enormous, moving piece of art brings Van Gogh’s Starry Night to life. The many rotating wheels represent his incomparable inner thoughts which brought us his most moving paintings. The many turbulent moments of his life are visualized by this ‘machinery’.

Over Bouwerij Skôn
Bouwerij Skôn is een groep waar bouwers van verschillend pluimage met elkaar bouwen om iets bijzonders op straat te kunnen zetten. Onze bouwerij staat voor creativiteit, enthousiasme, talent, toegankelijkheid, diversiteit en heel veel plezier.

Opgericht: 2013

Aantal leden: 73