Vriendenkring De Rijten


Back in the days, when a new Duke took office in Brabant, he would parade from city to city to be  loved and admired. Everywhere he would go, people would follow him and everything he did was considered amazing. Cities knew a festive reception would lead to more rights and liberties so they would go all out. From today’s point of view, maybe the Duke was one of the first influencers around…
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Over Vriendenkring De Rijten

Vriendenkring De Rijten tries to surprise you every year with a colorful total theater. This year you descend with us, deep into the ground, into the past, to discover a hidden history. Our goal is to be one of the gems in the parade again and to add lustre to this special event. We hope that you will enjoy all the beautiful and impressive creations and that you will reward them with a warm applause.

Founded: 1980
Number of members: 125