Vriendenkring Haisjô


After the Second World War, the government had the difficult task to rebuild the country. However, people were afraid of a new, unknown enemy; the Red Scare, communism. This fear of the communist fighting machine was so real that many people moved away from Brabant, to a place where the Red Scare could not hurt them. The Russians are coming!

Over Vriendenkring Haisjô

Vriendenkring Haisjô has been taking part in the parade for 25 years, a real milestone for this 'young' group. (This year for the 26th time) The intention at the foundation was, where possible, to have the youngest fellow villagers actually participate in the construction of a Brabantsedag wagen. The composition of the group was therefore based on a youth group. Even today, the majority of the circle of friends consists of young people between the ages of 5 and 30.


Founded: 1992
Number of members: 145