Vriendenkring Kapelstraat


At the start of the 19th century Dutch general Johannes van den Bosch was determined to fight poverty in the Netherlands and came up with an ambitious plan to do so. He established multiple agricultural colonies where poor, but keen to work, city dwellers could move to. They were promised a way better life in the colonies, with a job and their own farm to live on. Sounds like paradise! Unfortunately, due to numerous reasons his utopian plan failed.

Over Vriendenkring Kapelstraat

Vriendenkring Kapelstraat has been building its own modest way with the most diverse cars for over 50 years. Passion, creativity and conviviality are of paramount importance to me. Every year they are proud that with our relatively small budget we are able to create a complete picture of cars and games that you, our highly respected audience, can enjoy to the fullest. They were there during the very first parade and as far as we're concerned: on to the hundred!


Founded: 1958
Number of members: 100