Vriendenkring Van Gaal


On Sunday the 12th of May 1940, 55.000 citizens of Breda suddenly had to evacuate. Mayor Van Slobbe commanded this exodus by order of the French army that prepared for a fierce battle with the German troops. Originally the plan was to accommodate the citizens in surrounding villages, keeping them away from the battleground. This well-prepared evacuation ended in chaos and the citizens of Breda found themselves all over Europe, some even in northern Spain! In the end the evacuation was not even necessary; Breda was taken by the German army without a single gunshot being fired.

Over Vriendenkring Van Gaal

Vriendenkring van Gaal has been realizing a rolling theater spectacle for the Brabantsedag for more than 40 years. Each year, in its own style, they guarantee a stunning combination of music, theater, art and entertainment. Vriendenkring van Gaal surprises; Vriendenkring van Gaal pleases!


Founded: 1974
Number of members: 135