Would you like to contribute to one of the most unique events in our country? To the biggest theater parade of the year? To the beautiful event called Brabantsedag?

Whether you have a lot of time or little time, are young or old, can do it during the day or in the evening, are strong or smart: all help is welcome!

Below is an overview of the current vacancies. Of course you can also submit an open application.

If you are not sure whether volunteering is something for you, you can always contact us for an exploratory and non-binding interview. We can then tell you what you can do for the Brabantsedag.

For more information or to apply, please contact: secretariat of the Brabantsedag:


- Vrijwilligers Sponsorcommissie
- Vrijwilligers facilitair bedrijf / technische dienst
- Vrijwilligers commissie Veiligheid
- Vrijwilligers barmedewerkers (Horeca)