Each year, the Brabantsedag has a theme that is reflected in the parade, which is the source of inspiration for the sixteen float building groups. It will inspire them for creating their impressive contribution to the parade. In the parade, events from the past come to life, related to (the Duchy of) Brabant. These events are creatively translated into our time. Passing floats impress the public with their original design, increasingly innovative techniques, and theatre play on and around the floats.

What moves Brabanders?

The 62st Brabantsedag has the theme: 'What moves Brabanders?'. 

This was announced to all builders and volunteers during the theme presentation on Thursday 8 November.

In a packed village house 't Perron, the theme committee explained its choice: "Throughout the centuries, there have been numerous reasons and motives that have set movement in motion. Why are people mobile throughout the centuries? Why do people want to move around? and why is there a desire to move forward? can give an interesting and surprising look into and into our past. The creative builders have the task and the challenge to take the visitors of the 62nd theatre parade along in some of these motives.

Mobility and physical movement are part of Brabant. In view of the Duchy's geographical location, mobility has had a major influence on its history. The motives for movement are also diverse and typically Brabant: pilgrimages, pilgrimages, wars, marriages, an ageing population, natural and climate phenomena, housing shortage, economic developments, trade, transport, study or tourism, to name but a few. Transport means, infrastructure and associated buildings can also be addressed.

Nowadays, mobility plays a major role in Brabant in a different context. Think of the Automotive Campus in Helmond, the products of DAF, VDL, NedCar and Lightyear, the smart mobility focus of the TU/e and Eindhoven Airport. At the beginning of the twentieth century it was in Brabant that the first car drove, the first Dutch airplane flight, and where the longest railway bridge was built. Actual and history connected... fine to serve as a theme for the 62nd Brabantsedag.