In the parade, events from the past come to life, related to a theme and to Brabant. The 16 float-building groups creatively translate them to the present time. The result: a passing total theater with original designs and daring technology that tells a complete story in just a few minutes.

Dichterbij Brabant

Closer to Brabant 'Dichterbij Brabant' is the theme of the Brabantsedag 2024. The theme refers to both Brabant's poets and poems as well as to 'the typical Brabant feeling.' Poet Zoë van de Kerkhof aptly expressed this during the theme presentation evening in her 'Ode to the Brabantsedag,' specially written for the 65th edition.

The Brabant Feeling of the Past

For 'Dichterbij Brabant,' the sixteen float-building groups will use a work by a Brabant poet as an inspiration. The poem must not come from contemporary poetry but must have been published at least fifty years ago by a poet born in the Duchy of Brabant. The task for the float-building groups is to be moved by such a poem and translate it into a spectacle that is captivating, poetic, and stimulating for the audience. Above all, the feeling of historical Brabant must be conveyed. The theater parade on August 25, 2024, will bring the audience even closer to Brabant.

Stimulating the Imagination

Brabant has a rich history in poetry. To make the selection process somewhat easier, the groups can draw from a specially compiled poetry anthology. Frank van Lierop, head of the Theme Committee, explains the theme choice: "It is certain that poems have contributed to the preservation of art and culture. Traditions, religious prayers, political beliefs; all of it was recorded in poetic form. In addition, with poems, you can convey emotions, ideas, and experiences in a concise way to stimulate the imagination. And that is something the float builders and actors of the Brabantsedag can do like no other. We are convinced that it will be another fantastic parade!"