Tickets for the parade can be ordered through this website and at our office at Dorpshuis 't Perron (Schoolstraat 50a, Heeze).
It is also possible to buy tickets at the building places of the floats, located at different places in Heeze. With buying these tickets, the float builders will receive 1.50 euro for each ticket they sell. This ticket sale starts from August. Click here for more information about the float builders. On the day of the parade you can also buy tickets and information about the parade at the ticket offices along the route. 

Presale tickets

Besides the regular tickets, presale tickets can also be ordered through this website and are available at the shops listed below. When you order your tickets before July 31, you will receive a discount. After July 31, tickets are available according to the normal prices. 


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Ticket Info

  • Children up to 12 years free
  • Buy your ticket in advance and pay €9,- per ticket. Pre-sale prices are valid until 1 August
  • Tickets from 1 August € 10 each
  • Place at our tribunes €10 each. (Please note that the ticket for tribune is not an entrance ticket to the parade. Entrance ticket must be purchased separately)

Ticket sales at the Brabantsedag itself

Tickets for the theatre parade and programme books are also available on the paradise day itself at the cash registers at the entrances to the course.