The biggest theater parade of the year: Brabantsedag Heeze welcomes you

Brabantsedag Heeze, the biggest theatre parade of the year! Every last Sunday in August, nearly 30,000 visitors are overwhelmed by the unparalleled experience of Brabantsedag. A unique event full of culture and entertainment for young and old. No fewer than 16 groups of car manufacturers with more than two thousand actors are going through the streets of Heeze with impressive towering theatre decors.

The audience is fascinated by expressive or, on the contrary, endearing drama. Gravity and humour, reality and fantasy alternate and bring the past of the Duchy of Brabant to life in a completely contemporary way.

A hospitable festival programme has been put together around the famous rolling theatre parade of the sixteen building groups, so that the many thousands of visitors can be entertained throughout the day.

The last Sunday in August is the domain of the well-attended, high-rise rolling theatre parade (35,000 visitors during the anniversary edition in 2017).

The theatre parade is central to the whole day out. Around the parade, which starts at 13.30 hrs, there is a festive festival program from 10.00 hrs to 20.00 hrs. On five stylish atmospheric squares for young and old at the parade course there is music, theatre, entertainment, entertainment and catering.


Brabantsdag Heeze is a complete experience, with a well-filled programme around the highlight, the largest theatre parade of the year.

From 10.00 to approximately 19.00 hours you can enjoy (street) theatre and music along the route and on the Sfeer&Smaakplein. As soon as the towering theatre parade passes, the programme stops. Playtime is subject to change.


  • Preparade
  • Theater D’n Toversnest
  • Theater Gemeentehuistuin (municipal garden)
  • Theater kerk & kasteel (reformed church and castle)
  • Theater Strabrecht
  • Theater Geldropseweg