Accessibility and parking

All the activities of the Brabantsedag take place in or near the center of Heeze, a village near Eindhoven. It is not unusual to bring stools or chairs to sit next to the parade route. The event is also accessible for children; under the age of 12 there’s no entrance fee.


Heeze is easily accessible through exit 34 from the A2 between Eindhoven and Maastricht, and through exit 34 from the A67 between Eindhoven and Venlo. 


Parking is available at several parking places nearby the center. You can park in the indicated car parks (e.g, P1). The costs are € 4,- per car. Please note the emergency routes, because parking along access roads is not allowed. The access roads to the parade route will be closed at 08.00 AM until 20.00 PM. It is not possible to drive in or out of the center after 08.00 AM.


Heeze and its center are easily accessible by train. The station is approximately a ten minutes’ walk from the parade route.


The parade of the Brabantsedag is easily accessible for disabled people. For example, special locations have been designated for wheelchairs. As mentioned before, it is very common to bring your own chair to sit next to the parade route. View the map for the designation of the special wheelchair seat next to the route.

Please contact the secretariat of the Brabantsedag for further information.

Accommodation in or near Heeze

Heeze is praised for its castle, its forests and heaths around it. Of course, you can also spend the night in Heeze or in the surrounding area. Click here for some accommodation options.