About the Brabantsedag

The Brabantsedag (Brabant Day) is a characteristic concept in Brabant, the Netherlands and even beyond. Every year, on the last Sunday of August, a theatrical parade draws through the streets of the village Heeze and brings history to life in a contemporary way. The parade with sixteen floats is unique in its kind and becomes more original and innovative every year. What started small in 1958 now attracts over 30.000 visitors every year.

Every year, sixteen groups of approximately two thousand inhabitants of Heeze spend months on building the floats that are linked to the history of Duchy of Brabant, each with its own theme and telling a story. The audience is fascinated with the impressive theatre decors, its expressive or endearing theatre play, gravity, music, humor, reality, and imagination. In short, the Brabantsedag is a unique experience with culture and entertainment for young and old people.

Recognized on National Inventory Intangible Cultural Heritage

The Brabantsedag is an event in which a large part of the community is involved. Almost every inhabitant from Heeze is somehow involved with the event, for example as a float builder, volunteer, or sponsor. This, together with the desire and care to pass the tradition to next generations and keep it viable for the future, has led to the acknowledgment in the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013.