The Brabantsedag is all about the last Sunday in August when the largest theater parade of the year passes through the streets of Heeze. But there's more!

Check out the agenda.

Saturday, August 17: Open Tent Tour

10.00-16.00 Heeze

Curious what the sixteen wagon-building groups are building for the 63rd Brabantsedag? What they have chosen as a topic within the theme? Then join the Open Tent Tour on Saturday, August 17.

Saturday, August 17: Children's parade

19:00 downtown Heeze

On the Saturday evening of the opening celebration, the Children's Parade of the Brabantsedag marches through the streets of Heeze. There are of course real wagon builders' signs, there is a crowd, there are parade escorts and for all participants there is a souvenir shield, just like in the big theater parade of the Brabantsedag. In terms of enthusiasm, creativity and craftsmanship, the Children's Parade is not inferior to the big theater parade either: this is the future of the Brabantsedag!

Saturday, August 17: Opening party 65th Brabantsedag

20.00 hours municipal hall garden Heeze

The Opening Party of the 65th Brabantsedag is one you must attend of course! Welcome! Free entrance!

Saturday, August 24: Garden party

2 p.m. town hall garden Heeze

On the Saturday before the biggest theater parade of the year, there is plenty to do in the town hall garden. We are turning it into a Garden Party with you: a continuous program for young and old from 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

Of course, there is the Children's Afternoon where kids can showcase their building skills, bake bread, and get their faces painted.

For the parents, there is an afternoon and evening full of musical and theatrical programs that continue until 11:00 PM. Will you be there?

Sunday, August 25: Brabantsedag

from 11.00 with at 13.30 the biggest theater parade of the year

Brabantsdag Heeze is a complete event, with a well-filled program around the highlight, the biggest theater parade of the year. From 11 a.m. you will enjoy (street) theater and music along the route and on the Sfeer&Smaakpleinen (atmosphere & taste squares). As soon as the house-high theater parade passes by, the program naturally comes to a halt.

Sunday, August 25: Brabantsedag awards ceremony

8:30 p.m. in the tent in the town hall garden

The awards ceremony begins on that same Sunday evening at 8:30 p.m. in the marquee in the town hall garden. Our 2000 wagon builders will all be present there to hear who has won this edition of the Brabantsedag.

Our twitter channel (x) ( will keep you updated live on the results that evening. And once the awards ceremony is over, we will immediately start providing all other social media channels and our newsletter with the results. Of course, everything will also be posted on our website. In short, follow us and we'll keep you informed!