Childrens Parade Brabantsedag 2024

Children's Parade Saturday 17 August

Start at 19.00 hours

Don't miss the future of the Brabantsedag! Designers, floatbuilders and future actors from 6 to 14 years old will leave from the car park at the Martinuskerk. Their route now runs from Toversnest via Jan Deckersstraat, Schoolstraat and Brekelmanspad past the Nicasiushuis, so the grandparents can also enjoy themselves, to the Gemeentehuistuin.

In order to keep up the momentum, no more standing still acting is allowed.

The very first Brabantsedag was 65 years ago. It looked different than it does now, because the parade was short and the cars were much smaller. Everyone can participate in the large, rolling theatre parade of Brabantsedag, from young to old.

But, since 2017, there has also been a special parade for children only: the children's parade.
Creative as they are, they will show us their vision at the theme of this year


Come and see the Children's Parade at Saturday 17th of August in the city center of Heeze.
Entrance is free!

Geeft zich op voor deelname aan de Kinderparade van de Brabantsedag.


Ik geef toestemming om mijn gegevens te verwerken en heb in de privacyverklaring gelezen wat de Brabantsedag wel en niet met mijn gegevens doet.