Theater Gemeentehuistuin

Bertus Borgers

After the parade, so around 16.30-17.00 hours

Bertus Bogers is a master saxophonist. He is a member of the Golden Earring band, but in Heeze he is accompanied by The Young Retro's, a group of young musicians who give their own twist to the golden old songs of the master. Bertus and his Young Retros play on the highlights of his career and rock 'n roles.

The Flavorics

11.30 and 12.30 and 13.30

The Flavorics is a young formation of old music crap with English and especially Spanish-speaking fun in rumba and Tex-Mex, but also Cuban and Colombian sounds. The group plays something for everyone.

Arno Huibers

11.30 and 12.30 and 13.50 hours

There is fine theatre by famous clown Arno Huibers who, together with music virtuoso Paul van der Heijden, plays De Verkleedkoffer, a cheerful and interactive youth/family theatre performance. The children (and parents) go on an adventure and get to know the world and different kinds of music.

Show Your Hope


Show Your Hope is a mobile and global exhibition and continuous story theatre about 'Hope'. Martin Voorbij from Eindhoven collected the many paintings made by artists all over the world. The collection actually consists of more than a thousand paintings, and you can see a selection of the total. Suitable for all ages.

Tea Time Company

11.00 and 12.10 and 13.30 hours

Stick Stok by Tea Time Company is a combination of nationalities, disciplines, lengths and shoe sizes. Together this results in a pleasant mix of dance and circus with a dose of Chinese pole and juggling. The trio will make their own fantasy and that of the audience work in their multidisciplinary act.

Heavy Hoempa

5.30 p.m.

Seven horns and a drummer who play massive brass rock with a nod to hard rock and heavy metal. The gentlemen play hard, but because of the light presentation the non-rock fan can also enjoy this performance. The band plays old golden hits from Metallica, Motörhead and Iron Maiden and gives these songs a new look!