26 August 2018

Brabantsedag Sunday 26 August 2018

The biggest theater parade of the year


On Sunday, August 26, 2018, the rolling theatre parade will once again be the highlight of Brabantsedag Heeze. Within the theme of this 61st edition, 'From Ravenstein to Roosendaal', the building groups have chosen sixteen locations in North Brabant for the largest theatre parade of the year.

The biggest theatre parade of the year starts at 13.30 hrs. The pre-parade will start at 12.30 hrs.
Guests are entertained all day from 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. at the decorated atmosphere locations, where a complete programm can be experienced with exhibitions, music, (street) theatre, entertainment, entertainment and catering. VOF De Kunst and Flairck, among others, will perform.

Entry fees

  • • Entrance ticket to the whole Brabantsedag area: 10 euros (gives you access to Ambiance Squares (‘Sfeer & Smaakpleinen’), pre-parade and Main Parade)

    • Stand (‘tribune') ticket 9.50 euros. (This is optional, buys you a seat to watch the Main Parade (takes 2 hours). You can buy the stand ticket on top of the entrance ticket to the whole Brabantsedag area (so the 10.00 euro entrance ticket is a must.)

    • Children up to and including 12 years: free admission (but if they want to sit in the stands, they need a stand ticket of 9.50 euros).

    • You can buy tickets on the day at the entrance or already online. If you buy online, you will receive an e-ticket by e-mail. On Sunday the 26th you can buy entrance tickets at the entrance ticket offices; usually the Stand (‘tribune’) tickets are already sold out by then.

You can also easily order your stand tickets online. Choose the stand for which you want tickets and click on order. You can then specify the amount. If you also want to order entrance tickets, click on further shopping.

You can see which stand is where on the map below.

Date 26 August 2018 / 13:30


Entrance Brabantsedag 2018
€ 10,00
€ 9,50