Parade Route:

While the audience takes their spots to enjoy the theater parade, there's also a lot happening along the parade route. Abacus Theatre's Timecruisers surprise with their gigantic fantasy vehicles and stilt-walking creations that seem to have escaped from the stories of Jules Verne. The Gemert Firebrigade Pipes & Drums entertain with their pipe music. The percussive group u’MTATA is a delight to both the eyes and ears. Luc Vaesen's mobile sound system brings beautiful songs, and you can sing along to the tunes of Trio Vrij Vrolijk. 

Please note that during the Parade itself, the parade route cannot be accessed anymore.

Start and along the course


Eureka! According to Einstein's theories, you conquer time at full speed. Time cruisers travel in their gigantic fantasy vehicles with large wheels, wings, and jet engines, zooming through centuries of human civilization. Escaping from Jules Verne's stories, their stilt-walking creations put our hectic existence into perspective. Racing past the evolution of the Earth like a flashy music video.

Just like the wagon builders, these time travelers create their mobile, colorful contraptions using recycled materials. If you look closely, you'll see various parts that have been salvaged from the scrap heap and given a second life.


What started as a joke with the song "You're The Voice" using fake pipes and synthesizer music has evolved over the years into a full-fledged band that showcases traditional Scottish music on the Great Highland Bagpipes and accompanying percussion. 23 members play all the necessary instruments: bagpipes, snare drums, tenor drums, and bass drum. The band will celebrate its 20th anniversary on September 1st.

Their uniforms proudly display a firefighter badge, and the fire station serves as their rehearsal space. Who knows, maybe the firefighters from Heeze will join in and play along.


Although founded in 2008 in the Woensel district, the Royal Woensel Music Corps also performs outside of Eindhoven. The Brabantsedag parade is always on their agenda. During this event, the harmony orchestra serenades the audience, adding a festive touch to the largest theater parade in the Netherlands.

With a one-two beat when KWMK strikes the drum, everyone in Heeze knows that the parade is starting.


 Street theater at its finest! Luc (singer, accordionist, composer, and lyricist) roams the course with his covered wagon. Wherever you encounter him, you'll enjoy his beautiful songs, all equally splendidly performed. Songs by Jacques Brel, Louis Neefs, Toon Hermans, Bots, The Dubliners, Don McLean, Leonard Cohen, and so many more. A lovely mix of Dutch-English repertoire with a touch of French. But it doesn't stop there. Passersby become theater companions, resulting in beautiful and/or playful scenes.

Vaessen knows better than anyone what the most important element of street theater is: interaction with the audience. And in that regard, he and the Brabantsedag are a perfect match.


No guts, no glory, no legend, no story. That's the motto of the 'Soap Stunters.' They are the stars of the past and the heroes of the present. They are performing a stunt that has never been seen live before, and under these circumstances, has never been possible to perform live. Until today! Without a doubt, today they will achieve hero status and make history. You don't want to miss this!

In front of the entire Brabantsedag audience: "Tada, esteemed audience, you are witnessing a true heroic act. Applause for the 'Soap Stunters.'


A scattered group of nomads, lost in both space and time, wander across the peatlands of Deurnese Peel. Surrounded by mists and marshlands, they find each other through their drumming. It is at that moment that they make plans to escape from De Peel, in search of the lost Paradise Bird. With their self-built vehicle, they appear in other places, looking for people who understand the language of their drumming.

The percussion group of approximately 26 strange birds is unique in its kind. They play delightful, infectious, rhythmic world music with surdos, repeniques, snares, tamborimes, agogos, and shakers. Above all, they are a group you want to watch. Percussion that is a sight to behold!