Theater Geldropseweg

Theater Geldropseweg is a lively square where you can enjoy some delightful and groovy unplugged music. Let the music group Just4Fun take care of that. The sambapercussion band Avonturado will also be there to add to the fun. The festivities start as early as 11:00 AM, so get ready for a great time. The theater parade will pass by around 2:45 PM.


Aventurado means adventurous. The Eindhoven samba band Aventurado guarantees an energy boost for the theater parade. Brazilian-African Samba percussion; a combination of original rhythms, enriched with their own arrangements. Uplifting music. Let loose and move those hips!

This group of over twenty Samba percussionists gets everyone moving!


A popular "wind orchestra" from Eindhoven with a massive lineup of 29 brass players and 6 percussionists, providing a band with tremendous power. In a big-band style, they play well-known music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

The name Just4Fun reflects their mission: musical entertainment and fun for the audience and themselves too! And with a drink in hand: delightful!