Last seats!

HEEZE - As usual, the sale of tickets for the Brabantsedag goes pretty fast. It is expected that the last dozens of seats will be sold out within a week.

The stand tickets are only valid for seats that are reserved in advance. A new feature this year is that visitors can choose their own seats online, as is customary in large theatres. For admission to the Brabantsedag on Sunday 25 August, visitors - except children up to and including 12 years of age who have free admission - must purchase admission tickets.

Both types of tickets can easily be ordered online via brabantsedag.nl/tickets. The tickets are then emailed as e-tickets and can be scanned at the checkout posts (both printed and from smartphones).

Normally, the last stand tickets are sold on the Brabantsedag itself in the Infostand (corner Schoolstraat / Jan Deckersstraat). It is now expected that all stand tickets will be sold out before Sunday 25 August.

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