Brabantsedag stickers on Instagram and Snapchat

The fact that the Brabantsedag and the 16 groups can be found on Instagram is not news. Especially in the summer months when construction sites are busy, Instagram and Snapchat show pictures that are related to Brabantsedag. Certainly the last Sunday of August when the theatre parade passes through the streets of Heeze.

That's why the Brabantsedag has now made several stickers (gifs) which you can add to your Insta-story and your Snapchat. You can easily find the stickers by searching on 'Brabantsedag'.

Also for the 16 carbuilder groups their own stickers are made, to be found under their own group name or under the search term 'Brabantsedag'.

Harald van Schie, chairman of the Marketing & PR working group of the Brabantsedag is enthusiastic: 'Of course it's only a small thing, but we think it's nice to be part of this as well. Our partner tableaux mediamakers designed them and put them online. We can already see that they have been viewed more than 745,000 times worldwide. The search terms we've used are very popular, so it's also very good for our global branding.

Follow the Brabantsedag also on Instagram:  www.instagram.com/brabantsedag


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