Municipality of Heeze-Leende and Brabantsedag renew covenant

Whoever says Heeze, says Brabantsedag and vice versa. This close connection remains, as witness the extension of the cooperation agreement until 2023. The covenant was ratified on Friday 4 December by Mayor Paul Verhoeven on behalf of the municipality and Chairman Boukje van Ettro on behalf of the Stichting Brabantsedag.

About the covenant

The largest theater parade of the year is traditionally based on a close collaboration. The covenant gives that cooperation a formal character. In and with the covenant, numerous practical and organizational matters are also arranged, such as facility agreements regarding the use of the construction sites, storage and security of materials and even medical support on the last Sunday of August.

Mayor Paul Verhoeven was happy to sign the extended covenant: "Almost a third of the population of the municipality of Heeze-Leende is actively involved in the Brabantsedag as a volunteer; this ensures social cohesion. That is why we think it is very important to contribute to the continued existence of the event. We do this with subsidies, but with the covenant agreements we also contribute to the safety of volunteers and visitors. In this way, the Brabantsedag can continue to organize the event in a sustainable way.

Chairman Boukje van Ettro is of course also pleased with the ongoing collaboration: "The continuity of our rich tradition has the highest priority. The fact that the municipality promises support and cooperation again for the coming years is a great signal to all our volunteers".

Pleased to see you on sunday 29 august 2021at the 63rd Brabantsedag Heeze.

We are looking forward to it!

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