Ambassador news: Involvement of the King's Commissioner in the Brabantsedag remains

Wim van de Donk has been a regular guest in Heeze for a number of years as the King's Commissioner on the last Sunday of August, when he was approached for the honorary position of ambassador. He was only too happy to take on that role.

Wim has now transferred his CoR function to Ina Adema. But also in his new position of rector magnificus and chairman of the board of Tilburg University he would like to be involved in the Brabantsedag: so he remains ambassador.

His successor, Ina Adema, was installed in October. The new Commissioner of the King in Noord-Brabant is also pleased to continue his commitment to the Brabantsedag as ambassador.

Inge Megens, who maintains the ambassadorial contacts of the Brabantsedag, is pleased with the continued involvement of both: "We are proud of the support we receive as an event from both the province and the new Commissioner of the King as well as Mr Van de Donk, also in his new position.

Picture: Ilse Wolf

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