Tradition: Sisters of the Clares pray for good weather

Perhaps ever since the very first Brabantsedag, the Brabantsedag Foundation has asked the Sisters of the Clares to pray for the Brabantsedag: a special tradition with the aim of getting the Sisters to pray to the weather gods so that the last Sunday in August may once again be a wonderful day.

The task is invariably entrusted to newly appointed board members of the Brabantsedag. This year, board member Programming Petra van Gerwen spoke with Sisters Angela and Paula of the Clarisse Sisters in Megen. The sisters are very committed to the Brabantsedag and above all very enthusiastic. They will include the Brabantsedag in their prayers'.

The Clares have as their foundress Saint Clara (1194 - 1253). Clara means 'the shining one, the bright one'. "The reference to the sun is therefore obvious", explains Geert Hamers, former treasurer on the board of the Brabantsedag and blessed with an inexhaustible ready knowledge of the event.

Hopefully, the nine-day prayer to the 'weather gods' will ensure a glorious parade day on Sunday 28 August!

Read the whole story about this beautiful tradition here:brabantsedag.nl/nl/clarissen

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