Brick laying Walk of Fame and presentation of theme statue 64th Brabant Day

On Sunday 2 April, the victory of Vriendenkring De Rijten was immortalised in the Heezer streetscape. Afterwards, the theme statue for the 64th Brabantsedag was presented.

The laying of the stone in the Brabantsedag Walk of Fame on the town hall square took place during the Heeze Leeft atmosphere market on Sunday 2 April at 2 pm.

The stone commemorates the Vriendenkring as winners of the 63rd Brabantsedag. The Brabantsedag Walk of Fame in the centre of Heeze is an initiative of the Friends of Heeze. The latest of over sixty tiles honours 'Fantasy comes alive': Vriendenkring De Rijten thus won the overall ranking, the Press Award and the HWV Audience Award on Sunday 28 August 2022.

Theme picture

Afterwards, the new theme statue for the 64th Brabantsedag was announced. The sculpture, made by Matty Jorissen and Wijnand Driessen, is part of the theme Eureka! which refers to discoveries and/or inventions, a subject sufficiently well known in the smart Brainport region.

The design duo explains: "In our work, we always look for the essence of the story, the feeling, which we then transform into a visual narrative that strikes a surprising chord.

At Eureka! this feeling is the popping energy that is released when everything falls together, creativity erupts and ideas just keep flowing. You no longer feel constrained to invent and are propelled by feverish, glowing enthusiasm. The flood of ideas are all references to inventions and discoveries made by Brabanders. It is a quest you can lose yourself in. The longer you look, the more you discover.

At the same time, we visually evoke the spirit of the Brabantsedag: a visually stimulating parade that mixes historical tradition with contemporary design and theatricality. A colourful, cheerful cacophony of creations that together form a beautiful whole. "

The sixteen chariot groups will go in search of a discovery by a Brabander or, on the contrary, an invention ín Brabant; both the Dutch and Belgian parts of the former Duchy of Brabant. The chariot groups will come up with an invention and its discoverer on Sunday 27 August 2023.

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