8th Paradepraat podcast about Life on the Construction Site

The eighth episode of the Paradepraat podcast delves into the building season of a float builder. How is a construction group organized, how are building processes determined, how do float builders experience that last Sunday of August? And how much does such a float actually cost?

Host Frank Ikink delves into the life of a float builder with guests Astrid Oomen (De Lambrekvrienden), Will van de Loo (Hopeloos), and Geertjan Merkelbach (De Laarstukken). With coffee!

In July, the Brabantsedag Foundation launched its own podcast, named Paradepraat, and the reactions have been incredibly positive. "We delve deep into various topics related to Brabantsedag, from performance, music, themes, to construction sites and how the youth envisions the future of Brabantsedag," says Christa, Marketing & PR at the Brabantsedag Foundation, excitedly. "There's still so much ready to be recorded, and we've already produced some fantastic episodes, for instance, about iconic Brabantsedag floats or the construction sites themselves. So, stay tuned!"

For those who aren't quite sure what a podcast is? It's a type of audio storytelling. A podcast is like your own personalized on-demand radio show! Listen to engaging stories, informative discussions, and captivating conversations on various topics, whenever and wherever you want.

You can listen to the Paradepraat podcast on Spotify or on the Brabantsedag website.

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