Tradition: Sisters of the Clares pray for good weather

Possibly since the very first Brabantsedag, the Brabantsedag Foundation has been asking the Sisters of the Clarissen to pray for the event: a unique tradition with the aim that the sisters invoke the weather gods for a beautiful day on the last Sunday of August.

This responsibility is consistently passed on to newly appointed board members of the Brabantsedag. This year, Ivonne van Eerd, board member of Hospitality, spoke with the sisters in Megen. "Their enthusiasm will certainly not be lacking; they will do their utmost again to ensure that the weather gods are favorable to us on Sunday, August 27."

The Clarissen were founded by Saint Clare (1194 - 1253). Clare means "the radiant, the shining." "The reference to the sun is obvious," explains Geert Hamers, former treasurer of the Brabantsedag board and well-informed about the event.

Read the full story about this wonderful tradition here: brabantsedag.nl/nl/clarissen.

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