Who is group o? And what will they do?

Everyone who follows the Brabantsedag knows that for years, sixteen float-building groups have participated in the biggest theater parade of the year. But… this year, there's a seventeenth participant?

That's correct. This year, another group was inspired by the inventor theme, Eureka!

The team - collectively with over 75 years of active participation in Brabantsedag - participates as Group O (for Opening) outside the competition for prizes.

Group O is called VEUROP l.p.g. and consists of well-known residents of Heeze, including Hans Snoeijen, Patrick van Kemenade, Felix Peters, and Dirk Verberne. Their vibrant ideas and excitement come to life over a beer in their 'clubhouse' on Kapelstraat, just a stone's throw from Strabrechtplein.

These gentlemen have contributed to the Brabantsedag for over 75 years, both in preparations and in the parade itself. BZ&T, VK Snoeijen, VK Kapelstraat, de Hofmeesters, and Gemengd Douchen are just a few examples of their background. After years of absence, the spontaneous idea to participate in something playful emerged during the festive evening on August 27, 2022, in the town hall garden. A week later and after a crate of beer, VEUROP l.p.g. was born...

VEUROP l.p.g.'s concept is to open the parade with a whimsical or humorous street theater act related to the main theme, alongside the well-known rolling theaters. There's limited or no construction involved; the focus is on creating a complete and engaging picture through performance and costume.

The group participates outside the competition. Their 'reward' is primarily to entertain the audience in an engaging way. Given their title, they're sure to succeed: by honoring inventor Hub van Doorne's Variomatic with a quirky "truttenschudder met jarretelaandrijving" (a playful translation of a specific car part), where l.p.g. stands for Ludiek Parade Gezelschap (Playful Parade Company).

This year, as Group O, they will open the parade for the first time, directly behind the main float. Assuming a successful debut, this initiative will surely continue next year as well, and they'll be back with a VEUROP spirit!

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