Two new podcasts: about iconic floats and featuring two iconic individuals.

Next Sunday is the 64th Brabantsedag. The float builders of the Brabantsedag won't have time to listen to these two new podcasts now; they are giving their all to put the most fantastic floats on the road on Sunday, August 27th, during the biggest theater parade of the year, where the history of Brabant comes to life.

The Brabantsedag audience will be treated to two new podcasts with wonderful conversations. In the latest two (!) episodes of "Paradepraat," the focus is on Iconic Floats (Episode 10) and discussions with two iconic figures for the Brabantsedag (Episode 9): Mayor Paul Verhoeven and former chairman Frans Bakermans.

In Episode 9, they talk about monuments: A monument is a statue, a memorial stone, or a building erected in memory of a person, significant event, idea, or concept. Monuments can be erected by the government, as well as by companies and individuals.

In this case, Brabantsedag has chosen two significant individuals in its history, people who are certainly held in high regard by the residents of Heeze due to their roles in Brabantsedag. Mayor Paul Verhoeven of the Heeze-Leende municipality and former chairman of Brabantsedag, Frans Bakermans, talk about their roles in Brabantsedag, how they crossed paths, and share their most memorable moments.

In Episode 10 of "Paradepraat," they delve into Iconic Floats. What makes a float iconic in Brabantsedag? Brabantsedag is a theater parade, and the float naturally takes center stage. The history of Brabantsedag has led to the creation of the most magnificent floats. Which ones are remembered, which were groundbreaking, which stood out? Listen as Maarten van der Velden sits down with float builders Kevin van Lierop, Martijn van Bree, and Hans Snoeyen.

Tip: Visit brabantsfaam.nl to take another look at all those iconic floats!

"Paradepraat," the podcast of the biggest theater parade of the year, can be listened to on Spotify (Search for 'Paradepraat') or via www.Brabantsedag.nl/paradepraat.

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