Paradepraat podcast about volunteers of Stichting Brabantsedag

What the audience sometimes doesn't realize is that Brabantsedag is brought to life by volunteers. Both the builders of the sixteen float-building groups and the volunteers of the Brabantsedag Foundation dedicate all their efforts on a voluntary, unpaid basis. But what exactly do the volunteers of the Brabantsedag Foundation do? What are their tasks, how far in advance do they work? And what are the aspects that the public is unaware of, precisely because they happen behind the scenes?

In episode 12 of Paradepraat, the podcast about the biggest theater parade of the year, host Frank Ikink (Programming working group) sheds light on these questions. He engages in a conversation with volunteers Patrick Vorstenbosch (Facilities and Permits working group), Joep Baars (Hospitality working group), and Christa van den Broek (Marketing & PR working group).

The podcast episode offers a fascinating insight into the diverse tasks of the volunteers. Are you interested in becoming a volunteer at the Brabantsedag Foundation yourself? That's possible! Sign up, and we'll see what role suits you best. Together, we can bring this extraordinary event to life!

Paradepraat, the podcast of the biggest theater parade of the year can be listened to via Spotify (Search for 'Paradepraat') or via www.Brabantsedag.nl/paradepraat

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