Paradepraat podcast looks back at Brabantsedag: A day in the life of...

Sunday, August 27, 2023, marked the 64th Brabantsedag, the biggest theater parade of the year. When we look back on the parade, we often talk about the floats and engage in conversations with float builders. After all, they take center stage. But there's more to it. Paradepraat, the podcast of Brabantsedag, talks to three individuals who had a different role on this last Sunday in August. A day in the life of...

Host Maarten van der Velden explores the stories of that day in Episode 13. He does so in the company of Frank van Lierop, head of the theater parade and board member of the Brabantsedag Foundation, along with Mandy van Asten, responsible for safety and permits at the Brabantsedag Foundation, and Peter van de Voort, a loyal attendee who was there again this year.

How was their day? How did this Sunday unfold for them? Were they home in time for dinner, and were they able to enjoy the parade?

We call this "relishing the moment." It's not only enjoyable but also informative because once again, the listener gets to hear things that escape the notice of the general public and unfold behind the scenes. Tune in!

Paradepraat, the podcast of the biggest theater parade of the year, is available for listening on Spotify (Search for 'Paradepraat') or via www.Brabantsedag.nl/paradepraat.

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