The podcast season of Paradepraat kicks off with the Theme Revelation

The theme revelation. Every year, it's the official kickoff of a new season for the Brabantsedag. The theme is presented to the audience in a unique way each year, providing context so that the float builders can dive into their work with full inspiration. And the new edition featured Paradepraat! Thus begins Season 2 of Paradepraat.

In fact, our podcast served as a platform for various guests to share their perspectives on the theme, "Closer to Brabant." Host Maarten van der Velden interviewed poet Zoë van de Kerkhof, who recited her poem specially written for the 65th edition. The creators of the new logo, Matty Jorissen and Wijnand Driessen, also share their insights, along with Miesjel van Gerwen from his role in the creative team.

It was a packed episode. But with live audience participation!

The podcast is available on Spotify (search term: Paradepraat).

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