Theater Strabrecht

Theater Strabrechtplein is a square surrounded by trees, bursting with musicality. However, after the theater parade, it becomes the place where the float builders gather and enjoy their well-deserved meal. It's truly unique to witness how everyone, tired but satisfied, is relishing the moments after the parade.

Music will be provided by our Brabantsedag ambassador Björn van der Doelen, with his heartfelt songs in the Brabant dialect. Verdammte Spielerei, a crazy walking orchestra, will ensure top-notch music combined with a touch of mischief. And the Heavy Hoempa's will blow you away with their 'Massive Brass Rock,' a nod to hard rock and metal. The theater parade will pass by here around 2:30 PM. Before and after the parade, the Strabrechtplein will be buzzing with excitement.


The wildest walking orchestra of the Western Hemisphere. This fanfare never gets lost thanks to their active and attentive Herr Kapellmeister. Top music combined with popular deception. Festivals abroad know how to find them; they have been guests in London, Suwon (Korea), Germany, and Austria. They also count Pukkelpop and Lowlands among their playgrounds

During the Brabantsedag, this 'fan-fare' of graduated conservatory students takes a playful twist on Heeze.


Massive Brass Rock. A hard rock and metal band with brass instruments. They will surely blow the last bits of sleep out of your eyes. A robust experience, making your hair sway even when the volume knob isn't turned up to eleven. They warmed up the audience for Volbeat, Guns 'n Roses, and have performed multiple times at festivals like Bospop, Graspop, and the Zwarte Cross. They are now world-famous for their version of Motörhead's The Ace of Spades.

All brakes released. Back in Town at the Brabantsedag, where even non-rock fans rock to their music.


In Heeze, Brabantsedag-ambassador Bjorn van der Doelen needs no introduction. With the mercenaries and a heap of instruments, he knows how to throw a party. We're already looking forward to it; join in for a musical performance filled with joy! Bluesy, folk, and Americana in Brabant's style. 'Cozy, friendly, a delightful encounter' - a meet and greet of wagon builders and the audience.

See them shine! With a wink, Van der Doelen calls himself The Pearl of Brabant. Completely justified!