Theater D'n Toversnest

Theater Toversnest presents a true party atmosphere with the romantic chansons of Calixte, the international sound of the Bluesrock band La Grange, and the Rock 'n Roll songs of Blast Off. Get ready to dance and have a great time!

(Note: "Theater Toversnest" is the name of the theater or venue where these performances are taking place.)


Calixte Govaarts sings about love with his warm voice and colors it with his guitar, "Hemelsblauw" (Heavenly Blue). In 2022, the song of the same name was released on Spotify. It was recorded with drummer Nico Verspaget - known from Soulmania and Man and Machine - with Jan van der Lugt on bass and keyboardist Egle-Jan Annema - known from La Lupa and Shine. He has opened for Van Dik Hout several times. Radio stations have picked up on the singer-songwriter. A growing stream of fans of Dutch music knows how to find him, whether in a trio formation or not. His first solo EP is expected to be released at the end of 2023.

Settle down at Theater Toversnest and enjoy some food and drinks. Let yourself be carried away by the sounds of romantic and melancholic melodies. The subtle Amsterdammer with roots in Tilburg will create a true listening feast.


Within the blues scene, the name La Grange is well known. In 2017, frontman Frans Liebregts breathes new life into the blues rock band. Stage animal Rob Boekelman guarantees a solid foundation with his growling bass sound, and drummer Jan Mulders keeps the band in a tight tempo. Wim Cooijmans is responsible for the recognizable Hammond piano sound. Having previously toured with dozens of bands in various formations and styles throughout the country, in La Grange, he feels right at home.

The band truly shines live with a mix of original songs and covers by Walter Trout, Poppa Chuppy, SRV, KWS, Hendrix... Guitars tuned, audience ready, let the rock begin. These blues brothers know how to crack the whip and engage the audience.

Stray Cats Tribute Blast Off

Stray Cats is the band that brought Rockabilly back to the charts in the early eighties. They scored several major hits on both sides of the Atlantic with their fifties looks and a rebellious punk edge combined with their original solid rock 'n roll sound. A blend of tight beats, raw rock 'n roll, and a jazzy touch. Elegant yet edgy, tight yet delightfully relaxed, familiar and recognizable, yet incredibly innovative!