Current situation Brabantsedag

Right now, the world is changing by the day, by the week. Does this influence the organization of the upcoming Brabantsedag on Sunday, August 30th? No one can answer that now.

What we can say is this: As the board of the Brabantsedag Foundation we follow the guidelines of the RIVM. Everyone's health comes first. All meetings are suspended and we work together by telephone and other media. Behind the scenes the preparations for the 63rd Brabantsedag continue. Every decision that is now needed to monitor progress, is taken with the knowledge and wisdom of today, with the sole aim of having the biggest theatre parade of the year driving responsibly through the streets of Heeze.

For now: care for and be kind to each other, keep your distance and stay healthy. And be extra kind to the medical and care workers among our thousands of float builders and volunteers who are now doing their best for all of us.

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