And the winner is... how does this work?

As a spectator of the theater parade, each year it is again enjoyable to watch the wagons and the play of the 16 wagon building groups. With one beautifully put together creation after another, it becomes clear that in the afternoon the audience is the big winner. Which prizes the wagon builders can take home will only be announced in the evening in the marquee. But what can be won and how does the prize distribution work?

The only prize that you as a spectator have direct influence on is the Public Prize. The jury forms handed out to the public before the parade are collected afterwards and the numbers 1, 2 and 3 are determined on the basis of these forms. The Press Award is awarded by the independent press jury consisting of media such as Omroep Brabant, the Eindhovens Dagblad and others. The Pearl Award is awarded for exceptional group performance, construction, portrayal or use of materials. This is the only prize that may not be awarded every year. In addition, there are three honorable mentions for special and outstanding participants.

The parade floats are judged on three categories: Transfer of Subject, Artistic-Technical and Theatrical and Musical Quality. These three categories count equally and are judged by the professional jury, experts in the field.

For this purpose the Stichting Brabantsedag is especially looking for professional jury members who have knowledge of the specific category and theme of that year (now Met Verve). The members of the professional jury need not be familiar with the Brabantsedag, apart from a small briefing about the parade the jury is completely free to make its own judgment. In this way the result is as independent as possible.

During the parade the members of the jury are scattered over the route. This ensures that the judges cannot influence each other and that the quality of play and technique is not a snapshot but a good reflection of the parade over the entire course. After the parade it is really time for the judges to work up a sweat. To arrive at an overall classification in time, the assessments have to be put together in a very short period of time. The points are added up per category and these points together make up the first classification. In case of a tie between float groups, the jury decides which float will finish above the others.

This results in an overall ranking and a top 3 of the three categories, which, like the other prizes, are announced in the evening in the marquee. The overall winner is the group that scores best on all the parts together. This group, the overall winner, is taken from the ranking of the 3 categories. From each category the top 3 wins a cup. Meanwhile, the tension in the tent is palpable and the final results are known. After first the numbers 16 to 11 are announced we slowly work out who will be the new overall winner of the Brabantsedag and who will be immortalized in the Walk of Fame.

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