Results of the Brabantsedag photo competition

The Brabantsedag on Sunday, August 28 provided many memorable and top photo moments. Many photos were submitted for the first Brabantsedag photo contest.

The jury, consisting of professional photographers Astrid Huis and Rob Engelaar, judged the photos. The results:

1. Photo by Bart Smulders (with the wagon of De Rooie Hoek as subject).

2. Photo by Damien Eichhorn (with as subject the wagon of friends circle Haisjô)

3. Photo by Jeanine Meek (with as subject the float of friends circle Van Gaal)

"There was a great diversity of entries," responds jury member Astrid Huis. "For us as a jury it was quite difficult to arrive at the final top 3. In judging, I mainly looked at which photos reflected the feeling of the Brabantsedag for me: the game, the passion, the cooperation and of course the chariot. I also paid close attention to the composition. This is difficult to capture it all in one image, but the winners succeeded well in doing so. Personally, I like the power of simplicity."

Fellow judge Rob Engelaar: "It was very nice to see that so many photos were submitted for the contest. That did not make it easy for the jury, especially since the Brabantsedag was portrayed in so many ways. When judging, I paid particular attention to the atmosphere in the photo: the Brabantsedag is an experience for both the public and the participants. Unfortunately, I did not see any photos where this dichotomy was clearly visible. A good tip for next year! The three winners excel with emotion and composition."

The three winners will receive a dinner voucher worth 50 euros from Tapperij de Zwaan in Heeze, the birthplace of the Brabantsedag.

About the jury
Astrid Huis is a freelance photographer from Heeze, specializing in portrait photography and documentary photo series and represented by ANP and Hollandse Hoogte. Her work is published (inter)nationally in various media and exhibited. Astrid photographed for the Brabantsedag and made a portrait series of the wagon builders.

Rob Engelaar is a freelance photojournalist based in Mierlo. He works as a photographer for ANP, Hollandse Hoogte and various media. Rob is also active as an image editor and was a guest judge on the popular TV program Het Perfecte Plaatje. Rob has won several awards at the Canon Silver Camera. This year Rob was a member of the press jury.

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