Brabantsedag Heeze was clean!

They could count on a lot of recognition! The Kliko team is becoming a well-known name at the Brabantsedag Heeze. At various entrances, they handed out paper bags to incoming spectators. At the end of the parade, they collected the filled garbage bags again. The result: over 3500 distributed garbage bags and nearly 10 m3 of waste collected.

The concept remains as simple as it is effective and once again made the Brabantsedag the cleanest theater parade of the year. The rain simply meant that this year, not only did we sweep the streets clean, but we also mopped them right away. Furthermore, the rain didn't bother the audience in attendance, but unfortunately, about 50 umbrellas didn't survive the parade.

Since 2018, there has been a significant effort to ensure a clean theater parade as part of the Aanpak Zwerfafval initiative of the municipality of Heeze-Leende. In addition to distributing and collecting garbage bags, all garbage bins have been adorned with 'Cleanest Theater Parade' stickers, and waste islands have been set up at various ambiance squares.

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