Final episode Parade talk of this season: the awards ceremony

Welcome to Paradepraat, the podcast of the largest theater parade of the year. Koen van der Vorst will take you to the awards ceremony. We end this podcast season with a special episode. It is not a podcast as you are used to, but a live recording of the award ceremony. 

This year it was broadcast live on WagenbouwersFM, so it could also be heard immediately by people at home. 

 The Brabantsedag awards ceremony always takes place that same day and starts at 9:30 pm in the party tent. All float builders have gathered in the party tent and are eagerly awaiting the results. The atmosphere is sometimes a bit relaxed, but always the best. 

 Who will win the press prize, who will win the audience prize, who will win prizes for the honorable individual mentions? What is the distribution in the subcategory Transfer of Subject, Artistic-Technical and Theatrical-and Performed Quality? And clearly, who will be the overall winner? 

 After this, the party of all parties starts, the closing party of another great Brabantsedag. Listen and believe it!

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