Paradepraat looks back with float builders on the 64th Parade.

The 64th Brabantsedag is already a month ago. That last Sunday of August is not for nothing the most beautiful day of the year. Paradepraat, the podcast of the Brabantsedag, looks back on the theater parade with three float builders. How was the day, did they enjoy it? Was it a tough day? What did you feel from the audience? How was the award ceremony and the day after? Host Frank Ikink dives into the experiences of that day with guests Jessie van de Kruis (Ge Wit 't Oit Noit Nie), Eric Roeters (Vriendenkring Ietskes Schif), and Britt Schenkels (Vriendenkring Schenkels). In short, the guests take us through their Brabantsedag experience. Listen along!

Paradepraat, the podcast of the largest theater parade of the year, can be listened to on Spotify (Search for 'Paradepraat') or through www.Brabantsedag.nl/paradepraat.

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